My Review Procedure
First of all, I put a lot of thought in to the reviews I do. The rules I follow apply to every review and I'm 100% against plagiarism. Each review will consist of:

  • The book cover
  • Goodreads/Amazon summary
  • Author, genre, page number (may vary depending on format), publisher, publication date, series, and source
  • My honest review
  • Rating from my rating scale

My goal of every book review is to deliver an honest review without spoiling the book for future readers. I will try my best not to include any spoilers because I don't want to be ruin the book for anyone. I think that's unfair. But, if my review does include a spoiler, I will promise to warn you. Just remember though, if the book is the second or third in a series, I recommend not reading the sequel's review before reading the first book in the series.

My reviews, as of late May, will include detailed reviews of the why I chose to read this book, the plot, main characters, the romance (if there is any), the ending, and any other comments. I thought this would be a better way to write reviews to give my readers a better insight of the book. In my opinion, it's a much better way to organize my reviews for readers, which is extremely important to me. 
My rating scale:
This book was amazing; you MUST read it!

This book was very good; highly recommended

Decent; would recommend

Book was okay; read it if you really want to

Wasn't really a fan of the book; not recommended

Review Policy
If you would like me to review your book, I'd be more than happy to do so as long as I'm accepting reviews at the time. At this current time, I am accepting books for review. If you'd like me to do so, please contact me via email with a summary of the book. If the book is a sequel, unless I have read the first one or if  you are willing to send me the books that were previously written, then I will not review them. I will more than likely only review young adult fiction books with sub-genres of fantasy, historical fiction, romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, western/Southern, horror, and science fiction. I will accept any printed version of a book including paperback, hardcover, and ARCs. I love reading books and if I get the chance to read them, I will, and in return give an honest review. I will not review any middle grade or adult books.

Also, all books that have been/will be reviewed on this blog were either personally purchased by me or a friend or given to me by the author/publisher of said book in return for my honest review. I refuse to accept any form of monetary compensation to alter my opinion of a book in any way. 

Guest Posts and Interviews
I'm currently available to interview or hold a guest post for any author at the moment. I would love to share author's thoughts and ask them a few questions about their lives to share on my blog. If you would like me to interview or hold a guest post, please contact me via email.